A profound modern and inspirational poetry collection that honours and acknowledges the transitions in a woman’s life.

She: a collection of you, me, her is a timely and empowering journey of vignettes that walk you through the four transformative roles we encapsulate as women:

The Wanderer,
The Lover,
The Mother and
The Wonderer.

Each of us holds these facets of womanhood within us and the author has cleverly captured the banality and beauty within through relatable and heartfelt vignettes and poetry.

Weaved throughout the pages are delicate illustrations that symbolise our unique journey.

These thought-provoking lines complement touching pictures and capture the transitional and pivotal stages that delve into the hearts and minds of women, at various stages of their lives.

An inspirational book for every woman.

Discover yourself through this thoughtful collection that explores womanhood.

She: A collection of you, me, her
 is a gorgeous inspirational gift book, perfect for a woman you love and cherish.



She is one of the most beautiful and inspirational books you can have in your home.

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About The Author


Renowned Australian blogger, of Fly In My Wine, and author, Tiare Snow delivers a collection of clever, original and moving pieces for women everywhere.

Driven by deeper conversations and observations of the world around us, Tiare writes about modern motherhood, challenging moments, newfound freedoms, love and inspiration.

A mother of three, wife, founder and host of Guiltless Book and Wine Club, Tiare has been published in multiple online and print journals including When Women Waken and The Vine Leaves Journal.

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